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Kalliope is a database containing old Danish poetry and associated biographical data. The goal is no less than to collect all of the older Danish poetry, but until then, Kalliope will contain a representative and still growing selection. Kalliope also contains poetry in English and other languages, but primarily as reference material to the Danish collection.
The English version of Kalliope released today. Hvis du ser denne engelske side og ønsker den danske, skal du klikke for flaget nederst på siden.

 When I behold that beauties wonderment,
     And rare perfection of each goodly part:
     of natures skill the onely complement,
     I honor and admire the makers art.
 But when I feele the bitter balefull smart,
     which her fayre eyes vnwares doe worke in mee:
     that death out of theyr shiny beames doe dart,
     I thinke that I a new Pandora see;
 Whom all the Gods in councell did agree,
     into this sinfull world from heauen to send:
     that she to wicked men a scourge should bee,
     for all their faults with which they did offend.
 But since ye are my scourge I will intreat,
     that for my faults ye will me gently beat.

Edmund Spenser
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