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Kalliope is a database containing old Danish poetry and associated biographical data. The goal is no less than to collect all of the older Danish poetry, but until then, Kalliope will contain a representative and still growing selection. Kalliope also contains poetry in English and other languages, but primarily as reference material to the Danish collection.
The English version of Kalliope released today. Hvis du ser denne engelske side og ønsker den danske, skal du klikke for flaget nederst på siden.

 Ah, bed! the field where Ioyes peace some do see,
 The field where all my thoughts to warre be train'd,
 How is thy grace by my strange fortune strain'd!
 How thy lee-shores by my sighes stormed be!
 With sweete soft shades thou oft inuitest me
 To steale some rest; but, wretch, I am constrain'd,
 Spurd with Loues spur, though gald, and shortly rain'd
 With Cares hard hand to turne and tosse in thee,
 While the blacke horrors of the silent night
 Paint Woes blacke face so liuely to my sight
 That tedious leasure markes each wrinkled line:
 But when Aurora leades out Phoebus daunce,
 Mine eyes then only winke; for spite, perchaunce,
 That wormes should haue their sun, & I want mine.

Philip Sidney
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