The Tower (1928)

        Sailing to Byzantium
        The Tower
        Meditations in Time of Civil War
        I. Ancestral Houses
        II. My House
        III. My Table
        IV. My Descendants
        V. The Road at My Door
        VI. The Stare's Nest by My Window
        VII. I see Phantoms of Hatred and of the Heart's Fullness and of the Coming Emptiness
        Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen
        The Wheel
        Youth and Age
        The New Faces
        A Prayer for my Son
        Two Songs from a Play
        Leda and the Swan
        On a Picture of a Black Centaur by Edmund Dulac
        Among School Children
        Colonus' Praise
        The Fool by the Roadside
        Owen Aherne and his Dancers
        A Man Young and Old
        I. First Love
        II. Human Dignity
        III. The Mermaid
        IV. The Death of the Hare
        V. The Empty Cup
        VI. His Memories
        VII. The Friends of his Youth
        VIII. Summer and Spring
        IX. The Secrets of the Old
        X. His Wildness
        XI. From "Oedipus at Colonus"
        The Three Monuments
        All Souls' Night