More Poems (1936)

        They say my verse is sad: no wonder
        I. Easter Hymn
        II (When Israel out of Egypt came)
        III (For these of old the trader)
        IV. The Sage to the Young Man
        V. Diffugere Nives
        VI (I to my perils)
        VII (Stars, I have seen them fall)
        VIII (Give me a land of boughs in leaf)
        IX (When green buds hang in the elm like dust)
        X (The weeping Pleiads wester)
        XI (The rainy Pleiads wester)
        XII (I promise nothing: friends will part)
        XIII (I lay me down and slumber)
        XIV (The farms of home lie lost in even)
        XV (Tarry, delight; so seldom met)
        XVI (How clear, how lovely bright)
        XVII (Bells in tower at evening toll)
        XVIII (Delight it is in youth and May)
        XIX (The mill-stream, now that noises cease)
        XX (Like mine, the veins of these that slumber)
        XXI (The world goes none the lamer)
        XXII (Ho, everyone that thirsteth)
        XXIII (Crossing alone the nighted ferry)
        XXIV (Stone, steel, dominions pass)
        XXV (Yon flakes that fret the eastern sky)
        XXVI. I Counsel You Beware
        XXVII (To stand up straight and tread the turning mill)
        XXVIII (He, standing hushed, a pace or two apart)
        XXIX (From the wash the laundress sends)
        XXX (Shake hands, we shall never be friends; give over)
        XXXI (Because I liked you better)
        XXXII (Their seed the sowers scatter)
        XXXIII (On forelands high in heaven)
        XXXIV (Young is the blood that yonder)
        XXXV (Half-way, for one commandment broken)
        XXXVI (Here dead lie we because we did not choose)
        XXXVII (I did not lose my heart in summer's even)
        XXXVIII (By shores and woods and steeples)
        XXXIX (My dreams are of a field afar)
        XL (Farewell to a name and a number)
        XLI (He looked at me with eyes I thought)
        XLII. A.J.J.
        XLIII (I wake from dreams and turning)
        XLIV (Far known to sea and shore)
        XLV (Smooth between sea and land)
        XLVI. The Land of Biscay
        XLVII. For My Funeral
        XLVIII. Parta Quies